Gilding and specialist painting from Demesne Decorative Longford

Demesne Decorative

Edward Mc Govern is from a family of traditional decorators, being fourth generation, his projects range from the decoration and customisation of furniture; ornament and home decor to objet d'art, antique & architecture. He has studied and practiced in all aspects of faux painting and gilding. His services include the customising of surfaces or objects to match or enhance existing surroundings by means of specialist painting and gold leaf techniques.

As a decorative painter and gilder, he has furthered his studies as far as the ancient art of gold leaf water gilding. He has also worked with Master Gilder and Restorer; Charles Douglas. His interest in all aspects of decoration has led him to focus on the imitation of materials used on items such as antique furniture and other object d'art. Using his knowledge of paints and other media allows for these materials to be replicated on an almost limitless list of surfaces.

He is currently restoring a series of antique frames for Yeats Country Antiques.


His dedication has led him to work in some of the most interesting places and buildings throughout Ireland:

  • St Mels Cathedral, Longford
  • National Library, Kildare St
  • The Francisan Abbey, Galway City
  • Arbour Hill Military Church
  • Lough Rynn Castle, Leitrim
  • 14 Henrietta St. Dublin¬†